Sunday, 5 July 2015

Let it Snow!

There's been much excitement for weeks about the forecasted snow and ice here. Hard to believe because it's usually between 20 and 24 degrees. Of course the snow is fake and the ice is in the form of temporary ice rinks in Perth and Fremantle for wintergarden.
I've booked tickets for Jack and I to go skating in Fremantle and today we saw the Perth rink and snow slide and snow dome. The rink, in true Perth style, was beside a big screen televising the afl (Freo vs Brisbane). And through the middle of all this came the people who had been marching for marriage equality in all their, rainbow sparkly wonderfulness.
Sadly the snow slide is all booked out but Jack and I got to try out the dome. Not filled with real snow but weird stuff that is snow-like but kinda smelly. It was slippery as anything and I had to try hard to stay upright even with small children pelting me in the bum and face with snowballs. How did that happen?

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