Friday, 17 July 2015

Antarctic Vortex WA Style

Yesterday Jack and I went skating in Fremantle (as you do). After debating the merits of taking a 3 year old on the ice I decided it was best to take one child at a time. I know Diane worries about Sam missing out but he more than makes up for it when Jack is at school. And the thought of Sam on skates...
Jack had never skated before but had gleaned some knowledge from Peppa Pig and Frozen. After a wobbly start (I haven't skated in a long time) we were both doing fairly well as we dodged penguins, flying children and wobbly adults. It was fun and not too cold (note to self to ditch the beanie). I think the remaining sessions are all booked out which is a shame because this seems to have whet our appetites. 

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