Tuesday, 7 December 2010

storm event

view from gobba bridge

water, water everywhere...

more rain to come?

hallway leading to the art gallery

the pipe pumping water out of the lagoon into the river to avoid another
'storm event' - hope the diameter of the pipe is smaller than a duck

Jen gets the last bit of wet carpet

just in case we get more rain (as forecast)

the new location of the records department - oh dear

Yesterday I went back to work for the first day since the library flooded last week. Luckily not all the sodden carpet had been removed and I was able to rip some up.
wet underlay + inside bra = disgusting
In fact yesterday was my first glimpse of the flood waters. It was pretty impressive. For a moment I thought I was driving towards the ocean with the sun glinting off the water. Traffic moved very slowly indeed as everyone rubbernecked at the swollen waters of the Murrumbidgee (including us).
The library, besides smelling a bit dank was in pretty good shape (although people have been doing lots of clean up work since last thursday). Luckily someone was not far away on the night that the 'storm event' occurred and most books on the bottom shelf were saved. Unfortunately Christmas storytime had to be cancelled and the library is temporarily shut. Some people are quite understanding about this, though they keep on returning books in spite of being asked not to. Others are indignant about the closure. There's something about a public library that inspires a sense of ownership and privilege that sometimes morphs into outrage.
I had a feeling that yesterday was a day for cake so I made Jackie's rhubarb cake. As Amy would say,"it's not a day for a sliver" and that's probably why we had custard too.

pooped! pulling up carpet is hard

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