Thursday, 20 May 2010

too much cake

As it's been getting colder lately we've been eating lots of wintry foods, curries and ragu with lashings of polenta. Warming but my servings meter is out of whack and I'm plating up (thanks masterchef) meals fit for a lumberjack. I guess that would be okay if I hadn't been testing recipes from the new AWW High Tea cookbook.
home made monte carlos

Chocolate macarons
That's meant cake, cake and more cake and when we were over that biscuits. Some have been very successful but some (yes I'm talking to you eclairs)
my midget eclairs
not so much. Jack and S selflessly tested the offerings and gave me feedback. So too did some of the ladies from work who devoured the sponge I made while I was on a desk shift at the library. That is the sponge was consumed while I was on the desk. I did not make it while issuing books. Thankfully the birthday girl Amy for who it was intended, managed to snaffle a slice.
Thank goodness that now I've written that review we can move on to healthier fare. What was it that we had for dinner last night, oh yes roast chicken with pancetta with potatoes cooked in duck fat.


Amy said...

Ha ha :) It was a delicious sponge and we won't let it happen again!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Your macarons look great! And have you read "I Like You: Hospitality under the influence" by Amy Sedaris? She has a section called meals for lumberjacks :P