Thursday, 20 May 2010

Gnocchi Gnightmare

Recently I'd been itching to make gnocchi. It might have started with Masterchef. Then Stefano Manfredi had a recipe in the weekend paper. I bought the right potatoes then used them for something else. This happened a few times till I put my foot down and said, "tonight we shall eat gnocchi!"

I cooked the potatoes and made the gnocchi, boiled the water and just as I was about to cook them I noticed the flame under the pot seemed a little lacklustre. The gas had run out. We use bottles here for gas, and they seem to last a long time. So long that you may be lulled into a false sense of security that they will last forever. They do not.
Before I could utter the words, "I told you this would happen..." S had fired up the barbie (thankfully its bottle was new) and cooked the gnocchi in a rather unothodox manner.
Still the barbecue did the job and we all sat down to a gnocchi dinner. Early the next morning S set off to get a replacemnt bottle of gas.

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