Sunday, 9 May 2010


No, not Jack's party and goodness haven't I been slack with posting on that one? We went to a party yesterday for Jack's friend William. He was turning three and in the definite manner of a three year old decided he wanted a baseball party. Hmmm...small children armed with bats - a recipe for disaster?

I volunteered to make the cake (a baseball cake) which was tricky as there aren't too many baseball related cake thingies (the official term) available. So I improvised. I bought a little German axeman and chopped the end off his axe (Dr Freud! Dr Freud - paging Dr Freud) and whittled away at his pants and voila an old school baseball player. I was going to have two figures on the cake but it started to look crowded.
The cake was a big hit, as was the baseball. All the kids got a souvenir baseball cap (doesn't that put the pressure on the rest of us for future parties)? and raced around on the grass. Well almost all the kids, Jack just wanted to play with William's new toy helicopter.

Then Kelly produced the face paints. Jack asked me to give him a koala face. When I asked why he said "Koalas can do anything!" with such gusto I was convinced (I guess that's where anything means sleep and eat).
Renee gave S a tiger face (little did he realise that Richmond would yet again receive a drubbing) and I got a butterfly.
After the kids (though not Jack - he was still playing with the helicopter) chased a couple of stray dogs and some kangaroos bounced on past it was time to go.Posted by Picasa

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