Thursday, 20 May 2010


I love owls. There's something about them that is so captivating. Maybe that's why we had the Owl and the Pussycat as a reading at our wedding. Maybe I just fancy sailing away in a pea green boat. When I saw an owl workshop at the quilt show I attended (was that one or two years ago?) I really wanted to do it. In spite of not being able to book beforehand and turning up really early the classes were full by the time I got there (I'm sure to get over it in another year or two) so I bought the pattern and fabric instead. I wanted to immediately make my owls but life got in the way and the patterns were packed away with a million others until recently. It's amazing what you unearth when you declutter.
So I couldn't resist. I whipped up two little owls for fellow owl fanciers at work. Before I handed them over I made sure I took a pic.I'm tempted to make more in all sizes. Maybe after we move.

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Amy said...

I love my owl a lot! If you make more I'll buy one for my mum.