Sunday, 17 May 2015


When I was younger and living in Sydney, I was petrified of sharks. Some of this I can blame on Peter Benchley (surely Jaws caused a whole generation of beachgoers to be absolutely petrified of sharks). Maybe part of my phobia was due to visits to the Manly aquarium where the watchful eyes of the grey nurses freaked me out. Little did I know how gentle these creatures actually are. S assures me that if you can get under the water and see sharks they will no longer terrify you (hmmm) and that most attacks are a case of mistaken identity. He would say that though as he was known to get quite close to them when he was diving.
I am aware that I don't want to pass this phobia onto the boys so when we moved here and Simon told me about the pontoon at South beach and how you can swim out then dive off and swim back to shore, I thought that I should have a go. Unfortunately I got about halfway and my brain said no. Crystal clear water, no sharks in sight but I was not able to do it. And now of course it's autumn (though most days you can't tell) and the pontoon has disappeared until Summer. Time enough to psyche myself up to the task or give it up for good.


Amy said...

There is no need to swim in the ocean, Kristy. Not only are there sharks, but it is teeming with other nasties, is dirty and wants to hurt you. The sea is malevolent and you would be best to just have a shower if you are hot. Apparently, other people like it, though, so you might want to ignore my thoughts.

jetlagmama@themanor said...

I quite like it except for the beasties. The water here is crystal clear and bears me no ill will.