Sunday, 17 May 2015

Mother's Day WA style

Simon suggested that we go to yum cha for Mother's day. Having been somewhat dumpling deprived living in country New South Wales for the last 13 (!) years, I leapt at the chance. A work colleague of S invited us as his family's guests and suggested New Moon in Northbridge.

There was already quite a crowd when we got there, so our host took a number and shooed us away to have a look around. We went to the state library children's area (it has a gate) which had lots of books and groovy furniture and no one telling us to shoosh. We soon got called back and got some annoyed looks as we sauntered past all the hungry people queuing and took our seats. Soon our table was full of baskets and plates full of food. Jack got stuck right in whereas Sam nibbled on a few things unadventurously before ordering the most lurid dessert he could see. Our host was delighted, even when most of it got swooshed around and not consumed. Sucking sago and jelly through a straw is really hard work.

Afterwards Ratty Sam headed home for a nap with S and Jack and I went exploring. We found some great shops and then had a look in the Art Gallery where I saw a beautiful Margaret Preston Painting and this very interesting work by David Shrigley. I believe it's called Stick.

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