Saturday, 23 May 2015

A couple of wags

Things work differently here. Stopping at pedestrian crossings or wearing a bicycle helmet seem to not be compulsory. Stopping in the middle of a busy roundabout to wave people across the road is common practice (probably why there are so many rear end collisions here).
Kids start school at 5. There's none of this holding them back until they're ready rubbish. As a result when we moved here Jack moved up a year and 6 weeks later sat his naplan exams. Jack seemed to take it in his stride (though we did have some interesting conversations about fractions-sadly he seems to get his mathematical abilities from me).
As a reward for finishing we took the morning off and went to see the 26 storey treehouse (a play based on the Andy Griffith and Terry Denton book). It was hilarious, especially the bit where captain woodenhead the pirate appeared silently beside us and suddenly yelled, 'Yaaaaar!!!' Though Jack thought the fart jokes were funnier.
Afterwards we strolled around Northbridge and had a Ben & Jerrys then Jack went back to school (he wanted too) so he could take part in his school's lapathon.

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