Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Lion King

Last year when it was announced that the Lion King was being staged again in Sydney, Jack thought we should go. I said I would get tickets and never quite got around to booking any. Still, it couldn't be that hard to get them could it? Oh. Yes. Quite. Luckily Ganma bought some for us for Christmas (not Sam as he is too young and wriggly). It seemed like such a long time away for so long then all of a sudden it was upon us. Despite detours due to St Patrick's day parades and torrential downpours, we made it. The highlight of course was the look on Jack's face when all the puppets first came on stage.
And yes, Jack has had a haircut (thanks for noticing). When the hairdresser asked him how he wanted it cut he said like Luke Skywalker. Strangely, she had no idea who this Luke person is (or should that be was?) but he was pleased with the result. Apparently it's vital to have a square fringe. 

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