Tuesday, 11 March 2014


 Sunday was Sam's second birthday. When he woke up and we wished him a happy bithday he exclaimed, "Cake!"
Because really, with an older brother with lots of toys, presents aren't really a priority. It's all about the cake (nearly wrote Kale - for Sam, it will never be about the kale).
With that in mind I was thinking about the kind of cake I could make. As Sam is also a huge fan of Peppa Pig's brother George and his Mr Dinosaur (or Saur as Sam calls him) it only took a moment to decide on what kind of cake it should be. Needless to say Sam was delighted with his 'Saur' cake and proceeded to pick off all the chocolate drops.


Sonya said...

He looks so content and grown up with his hands placed just so. I love that he values cake more than presents! And three posts in one day - woohoo!

jetlagmama@themanor said...

I know Sonya! Simon was away so I leapt onto his computer! I'm wondering if he'll be quite so relaxed on the pressie front next year!