Thursday, 3 December 2009

O christmas tree!

Yesterday Jack and I put up the tree. Unlike the lovely little Christmas DVDs that Jack has been watching this didn't involve us going to a Christmas tree farm and selecting a real, live tree, it meant me going to the spare (aka junk) room and unearthing the fabulous fake tree that I had stored neatly (ie. hurled on top of a big pile of crap). We dusted it off, removed the tinsel, sneezed a bit then started to decorate it.
Jack got very excited and amidst all the "wow!'' and "pretty cool!" started singing his very own version of jingle bells which was so cute I filmed it. Luckily I also captured his tinsel hurling technique (I think he gets that from me).
Last year he was more interested in deconstructing the tree, but this year the decorating was a big deal. Garn gave me all her ornaments so it was lovely to think of her as Jack and I hung pigs and ducks and crocheted snowflakes on the tree.
Jack is asking lots of questions about Christmas and mentions the 'present guy' (aka Santa) all the time. He and S even wrote a letter to Santa asking for 1) a firetruck and 2) a tractor and I think he'd also like a name change. When we ask him what his name is he now says," Jack Thomas Edward Duck Gordon...which for the uninitiated are names of tank engines. He must be very advanced. I didn't try to change my name until I was at least 7 (to Diane!).
The video is below or on youtube. Enjoy!

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Amy said...

Ha ha, I relate to the spare room! That is a very cute video of Jack. You are both more advanced than I because I didn't start changing my name until Year 7 (to Christabel).