Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Jack has taken to wearing my old birthday tiara. I (and a select few) used to wear it at work on our birthdays, even in meetings. Our CEO always seemed puzzled by its presence, but nothing was ever said. It was a fairly unusual workplace.
Jack's been wearing it a lot this week and also likes to make other people wear it (he gets that from me). I was trying to take photos of him wearing it but he was on S's back, who was doing push ups so I got mixed results...do you think I should become a professional photographer?


Amy said...

You take better photos than I do but, sadly, that isn't saying much. A little boasting - Lorraine from NQN commented on my blog AGAIN. I feel so special.

jetlagmama@themanor said...

you are a celebrity. I better have a look now. I like your pics but I agree we are not in the same league as Megkat or Lorraine.