Thursday, 10 September 2009


Jack's cousin Lily (and her parents Kate and Gaz) are visiting from the land of banana benders and johburgers. Jack's been excited about her visit since we told him and helpfully carried a little bike out to the car so we could take it to the farm saying,"Bike for lily."
I also popped into the toy library and picked up a few things for her to play with (wasn't I clever to choose a doll that matched her outfit?).After a longish drive from Dubbo, they arrived and Jack did his best to be a congenial host, showing Lily his favourite Thomas book, checking Lily was okay on the bike and making sure that she too had an ice cream when he got one.They seemed to hit it off but I'm sure they wondered why there were so many flashes going off. Not that damn paparazzi again.

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