Friday, 15 May 2009

The Aunties

When we were up in Sydney, S and I had a chance to go out for a romantical dinner and the Aunties got a chance to spend time with Jack (though as Aunty San pointed out on a number of occasions, not nearly enough time). We had a hankering for Japanese food as there is only one Japanese restaurant near us and we don't go there anymore. The first time I went there I waited for over an hour and my meal didn't turn up. At this time when I asked where it was a waitress told me that I could still receive my meal but I would have to pay for it. No it didn't make sense to me either. I left just after the explosion in the teppanyaki room (no, I didn't do it).
The second time we were in the Teppanyaki room (the window had been replaced and yet we still feared for our safety). We needn't have worried as the chef, who was very slow and not very good had the grill turned way down so he wouldn't burn anything. It was a long night.
So we decided to go to Shimbashi Soba Noodle. They have a noodle master who makes their soba noodles (sometimes when you are there to watch) which is very impressive as it takes quite some time to become one. There is something so good about Japanese noodles and broth particularly from this place but unfortunately they were full. We tried the new Louisiana style place just down the road but it was even smaller and also full. I'd heard rumblings about a place called Japas which is japanese tapas so we had a look at the menu. S actually recoiled, I think it was the wasabi marinated bocconcini that did it. Or Miso infused Jamon.
Luckily there are a gazillion Japanese resturants in Neutral Bay so we just kept going till we found one. The one we went to was very funky. All the staff had little palm pilots and microphones and we sat on poufs (my Dad would hate that). It was pretty buzzy and busy so we assumed that that was a good sign. We eventually decided on a set meal with Miso and sashimi and a main ( I chose sushi and S chose beef teriyaki - who do you think made the risky choice there?) and dessert. The first sign that things were awry was the seafood extender that kept turnng up like a bad penny. My sashimi was good but those funny little orange cylinders were everywhere. And I have to say the Beef teriyaki, though generous, was not good. But we had a giggle, nudged the faux crustaceans to the side of our bowls and enjoyed some of the meal. It did make a nice change to have a meal without the company of Maisy, Peppa or Murray.
Then came dessert. I've never really taken to Japanese desserts and I don't think I can be accused of being hasty. I've tried a myriad of sweet treats, most consisting of either red bean paste or green tea. S chose the green tea ice cream and I gave him a look that basically said, "Are you mad? "
But then my Black Sesame ice cream appeared (accompanied by a piece of what looked like purple wettex) and I wasn't feeling so smug. And the verdict? Nice, different and very unusual.

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