Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Another mela mosman makeover

A highlight of our visit was a return trip to my mother's favourite shop in Mosman to jazz up my wardrobe (and then some). The amazing Ann once again swooped in with much panache, an armful of clothes and some very definite ideas about how they should be worn. We were joined by another lady in the change rooms from Illabo, which is (of course) just down the road from here. It was kind of crowded but almost like a party as Ann swished towards us, issued her instructions or approval, "Fabulous Darling" or "No, take it off!" and away she went.
The Illabo lady stepped out in her outfit of choice. A lovely stripey jersey top in black and white, black pants, boots and a black sash worn across the hips. She looked great, and yet, part of me wanted to hand her a parrot or at least an eyepatch because something was making my brain go "AHAR me hearties!"
After a few false starts we seemed to be on the right track. Mum stressed that where I came from ('the country') people dressed very casually. Ann looked concerned but only momentarily and then produced several ensembles that she deemed to be suitable. So did my mum and so did I. I think they would definitely fall into the Mosman Casual category, which is a long way from Junee Casual. Here is an example of both - can you tell which is which? But I was very pleased with the clothes and will wear them when I go out. At one stage Ann asked me what my new boots for this season would look like. I paused. There was a long drawn out silence as Ann and my mother looked at me expectantly. How did I tell them the only new boots I would be getting this winter would be Ugg Boots (an early mother's day present from S who resisted the outdoor soles, telling the salesman he didn't want to encourage that sort of Pammy Anderson style fashion statement).
Once we had the clothes sorted then we had to accessorise. Sadly, no beads that were so fabulous you wanted to vomit, but Jo, Kate and Ann let me try on all the dinosaur design bangles (arm confectionery) till I found just the right one (with their help). I found one that was nearly perfect, like a pint of Guinness settling but in black and silver but in the end I went with a really colourful bangle with a lots of colours and some matching orange earrings. Fabulous darlings. I was now suitably attired for Mosman.

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