Friday, 30 January 2009

Fried scones for breakfast

I think I mentioned before that one of Garn's culinary specialties was fried scones. Some people may recoil at the idea (especially if they find out that they were fried in dripping!) but there was always something special about waking up and smelling them cooking, knowing that Garn would soon appear with a tray with some hot scones, butter and a big glass of milk for breakfast in bed (she loved to spoil us). Foolishly I never got the recipe but decided last weekend to give them a go. I decided not to use the dripping. Dripping has really fallen out of favour but I remember a time when everyone had a dripping dish in the fridge that was regularly topped up after each baked dinners so that it was made up of many layers. I used some butter and some olive oil and they turned out okay. A little crispy, but that was always a part of their charm. But remember, fried scones are a sometimes food.


Amy said...

I really struggle with the sometimes food concept.

jetlagmama@themanor said...

Obviously so do I!

Agent Sydney said...

I like this idea. Of course, only sometimes. I may challenge you to make these when I visit.

Anonymous said...

My great grandmother made these for us when we were young. They have become my family secret reciepe.

They are so good, add a little butter and golden syrup....yum! I'm so glad someone else had such an amazing experience growing up.

Yes def a sometimes food!