Monday, 26 January 2009

the artiste

As I may have mentioned Jack received an easel for Christmas. He also received a splat mat, paints, crayons (which I want for myself) and chalk. He already has the artistic temperament. After we got back I made a quick visit to Wombats (a true Aladdin's cave of kid's stuff in Wagga) and came home with a thick roll of paper and we were ready. When I first set up the easel Jack thought it was a climbing frame and quickly climbed up and onto the tray. After we got his head unwedged and he had a few goes he got the idea and now I leave it up in the hallway and on the verandah so he can have a quick daub anytime the fancy takes him. He's understandably quite prolific and has been producing some interesting works not dissimilar to some of his ceramic works. Initially he was only painting in red and green (obviously a statement about the festive season). This was followed by his blue period which has been the longest and most diverse. This one is Untitled III (blue ape) Acrylic on Paper 2008) And this one is one of my personal favourites, Grafton - Acrylic on paper 2008. Only recently his palette has become more varied and his works more political:
Sydney NYE ($5mill) Acrylic on paper 2009Some would say having an easel and all that entails (ie paint pots and brushes) around all the time is asking for trouble or at least a spot of interior design experimentation but so far we've been lucky. Actually when I say we I mean, S, myself and the walls. Unfortunately the dog and Rexie the Dinosaur haven't been so lucky.


Amy said...

What a good mother you are! I have tried to steer clear of painting except under strictly controlled conditions.

jetlagmama@themanor said...

I'm assuming that your carpets are a lot nicer than ours (even an Pub would reject ours for being too ugly).