Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Christmas Day (part 1) the presents

Jack woke bright and early on Christmas day but really that's no different from any other day. He entertained us by doing flips off the end of our bed into his portacot. Just a pair of legs shooting up into the air over the edge and then giggles. After breakfast in the dining room (fruit, juice and pancakes) we all gathered in Mum and Dad's room for the presents. Mum was under the weather so she was doing the Hugh Hefner thing lounging in her jim jams.
It did seem like there was a lot of presents and Jack and Scarlett soon got stuck in. Dad distributed presents and waited for the appreciative oohs and ahhs before moving on to the next gift. My brother got some very cool vintage Nixon cufflinks (with a Nixon bio) and I got the superdooper ice cream machine with sprinkles dispenser. Jack got a ride on battery powered quad bike (with music) which is extraordinary. Just the thing for chasing sheep and Lucky dog.Scarlett seemed pleased with her percussion table, so pleased that Jack had to have a go too and there were some sharing issues. Then all thoughts of percussion were forgotten as Scarlett (with help from Jack) unwrapped Dorothy and freaky, demonic Elmo (he's possessed and holds conversations with you). Jack wasn't sure whether he was to be trusted or not but Scarlett liked him.After all those presents and half a rainforest's worth of paper Scarlett decided she needed a lie down. We did too because we had to brace ourselves for the Christmas Buffet...

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