Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Themed Baking

I do like a bit of themed baking. I used to do a bit of it in Wagga for my old bookgroup. Minnie's chocolate mud pie (without that special ingredient) from The Help, Pecan & pumpkin pies when we read Cold Sassy Tree. You get the idea.
So when I joined a new group here after many months of bookgroup by correspondence, I unintentionally started doing it again. For my first meeting we 'read' Under Milkwood by Dylan Thomas so I made welshcakes which are sort of like a cross between a scone and a pikelet, Short, buttery, studded with currants and quite delicious. A much better proposition than the laverbread that was also mentioned, which is like a seaweedy version of vegemite. I have been assured by a welsh friend that it is very tasty and I assume it would be very good for you.
People seemed appreciative so for the next meeting I made Sacher Torte to go with the Glass Room by Simon Mawer. A natural choice on a day that was over 42 degrees. I love the way that the apricot jam that is brushed on between the cake and the icing gives the cake a different flavour. It makes my brain think there is alcohol involved but again, you know, heatwave.
The next book is the Golden Age by Joan London. I will keep you posted.

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