Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Lunch at 100 Hampton Road

As a result of the cake stall we were really overwhelmed by people's support and gratitude. FormWA invited us to lunch at 100 Hampton Road (or the seahorse building as we like to call it). Unfortunately we weren't able to make last week's lunch but we could this week.
Jack and I arrived bearing what Sonya calls a friendship loaf and were soon put to work (once some helpful people showed us where to go). We were put on flatbread duty with John and could smell the most amazing smells (Goan chicken curry and dahl). Jack and I helped make the dough, shape the flatbreads and then cook them on the barbecue and then we all got to sit down together and eat.
Jessica, who is an ex-masterchef contestant was there too, not filming just chatting to the residents and cooking the curry. She was lovely.
Jack and I had a great time. The residents and staff were so friendly and welcoming and we got to see the new kitchen which is huge!
I will be popping back soon to give some starter and the recipe for my pumpkin bread to one of the guys.
We felt so honoured to be invited to share lunch and so pleased to hand over the money we raised from the cake stall.

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