Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Wait for me!

It's been a loooooong day. It started at 5am est (I am not a morning person) and is still going, what with the 3 hour time difference. What started last May as a vague idea, has become reality.
We are in Fremantle. We flew in this morning and since then have visited our house (we move in in April) been to the supermarket & the beach. The naysayers were warning us how expensive Perth food prices are. Little did they know we were used to Junee IGA prices, so by comparison it seems very reasonable here.
Surely it must be time for bed?


Amy said...

Yay! You've arrived and it looks gorgeous. Where are you staying until your house is ready? I can't wait to see non-real estate photos of your house. I'm making lasagne next week and I think I'll try to make it extra good and pretend it's going in a street competition.

sonya said...

Maybe we should have our own competition Amy? So glad you made it! Looks like it was more than worth it :)