Sunday, 14 September 2014

Friends with Benefits

Not those kind of benefits! A lovely thing about living here is that friends rarely turn up empty handed. Just this morning a friend popped over clasping a bunch of Freesias (my favourites).
I like to bake loaves for friends, not expecting anything in return (though there is a bread fund at work to pay for the weekly work loaves) and am delighted and surprised to get something in return. A beautiful couple from Marrar love my grainy loaf (which contains sesame seeds, linseeds, pepitas, sunflower seeds, poppy seeds and pine nuts) and have given me a pot of honey from their bees (!!), handknitted slippers for the boys and recently a handmade wire basket crammed with home grown goodies. Lovely!
The bread by the way is coming along nicely. I make between eight and ten loaves a week and send Jack to school with homemade bread for his lunch. Very satisfying and makes the house smell so good. I have two starters now and usually make a white sourdough or a rye or a grainy one. Time to branch out?


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