Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Star Wars Party!

Due to our trip to Sydney we decided to hold Jack's party the week after his actual birthday. Star Wars is the flavour du jour and so I had been planning a Star Wars style obstacle course for weeks after reading about this amazing party.
On the day the kids built their own droid and then had to enter the death star, escape the garbage compactor (how many kids parties involve kids playing in the recycling?), dodge blaster fire, spot the Ewoks, defeat Darth and his Imperial army, pin the ear on Yoda, don Wookie feet and race to turn of the tractor beam and finally to destroy the death star by getting a proton torpedo in the exhaust whatsit. Phew. This was followed by Wookie (and Yoda, C3PO and Darth) Cookies, fruit, star shaped sandwiches and a Death star Cake. Is it mean to ask children to blow out the candles when it's actually a sparkler?

 Our Leias and Lukes and Sith Lords left clutching their inflatable lightsabers and party bags and we sat down to recharge our force and work out what to do with the four litres of Milo that was leftover after I constructed the Wookie feet. Milo anyone?

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