Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Leg-opener Loaf (this post should come with an M rating)

Ahem. Years ago S read a memorable review of the Australian Sparkling called Jansz that referred to it as a bit of alright and a leg-opener. Ever since then we never seem to be short of a bottle (thank you S). Recently, much to my shame, we had half a bottle left and as I hate wasting anything (where that phrase could be replaced with the word hoarder) I decided to add it to my sourdough.
I googled recipes on the interweb as there seem to be recipes using sourdough starter to make almost anything, but came up with nothing, I couldn't be the only person to think of this...but then most normal people would probably just finish the bottle*. So I just replaced the amount of water with Jansz and bob's your proverbial uncle. The Jansz seemed to give the loaf a little extra something (it has that effect on me too) and I was really pleased with the results, as were the Friday bread munching crew aka my co-workers. So accustomed have they become to my weekly loaf that some of them now skip breakfast on a Friday so they can have a particularly thick slice of loaf slathered with butter.

*Jetlagmama would like to remind readers to drink responsibly and never waste their Jansz.

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