Sunday, 27 December 2015

Merry Christmas!

Yes, I know it's already happened. Ours was relaxed and involved lots of presents, needless to say the boys were delighted.
Every year before Chrissie I like to take the boys for a Santa photo. Strange really as I was PETRIFIED of department store Santas when I was little.However, it does provide an interesting record of the boys at this time of year every year and the boys don't seem to be too alarmed by either Santa or clowns. This year I toyed with the idea of heading into Perth to Santaland because they have a train and you can book your time with Santa. But that didn't happen. So only a week before the big day we went to our local mall. S thought I had taken leave of my senses and that it would be crazy busy. It was a little busy but not insane. Sam, who decided he wanted to be dressed as a pirate went from pumped to trepidatious to the point where he tried to jump the rope and make a break for it.
Not even the sight of hipsters getting an ironic Santa photo and trying desperately not to smile could entice him.
So he sat on my lap but refused to acknowledge Santa. Santa was having a nice chat to Jack about Star Wars, so he didn't seem fussed.  I had a feeling that the photo would be a disaster and then we got what might be one of my favourite santa photos ever. Which is a big call I admit, but I like that I'm laughing, that Sam seems so joyful to be in the photo and that Jack looks so handsome (last year's photo of him was weird and didn't look like him). Santa, well, I think he's meditating, but who could blame him?
Oh and the little guy Sam is holding is Augie from my friend Caro's picture book called Spring.

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