Saturday, 12 September 2015

Street art

Hippocampus by Amok Island
One of the things that we noticed as soon as we arrived here was the incredible street art. Jack and I love finding new works and get sad if any get damaged, though remarkably most are left alone. I keep on hearing stories about Perth being dull, but seriously with stuff like this going on I find that hard to believe. I'm not sure who all the artists are but I'll try and add their details. These photos are mostly from Fremantle but also Northbridge but there are other areas with great murals too. We just haven't got there yet. FormWA, the people behind 100 Hampton Road are also behind these works and provide maps so you can do a walking tour and check them all out.

The Kraken by phlegm (Jack's favourite)
Zebras by Anya Brock
Work in Progress by Amok Island

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