Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Photos from the west coast

S and I are here to check out Perth, probably a good idea as we will be moving here next year. I'd never been here but all but one person I've spoken to had good things to say about it. And I have to say Perth is fab though I am aware that I am being wined & dined to make sure I comprehend all it has to offer. There is great food, blue skies, dolphins frolicking, craft breweries and a pretty vibrant local community judging by the Lily Street Lasagna bakeoff.

 You have to love a place where they put a sculpture of a man on his horse in the water (that's him below) where he is slowly eroding. After looking at a lot of houses and meeting some very interesting agents, we are off to Kings Park for some greenery and then tootling somewhere for lunch. It's a tough life. 

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Amy said...

Hmmmm, I have such mixed feelings about this. It seems a lovely place, and I am keen to read blog posts about your new life, but I am VERY sorry that you won't be here.