Sunday, 3 August 2014

Keeping up

Depending on your viewpoint, indoor play centres can be heaven or hell. S thinks they are giant playground shaped petri dishes full of all sorts of germs. Funny, that's what Garn always said about the Manly fun pier and probably what made it so great when we finally got to go there. In theory I think they're great especially if you live somewhere where it rains a lot or for parties. I like the idea that adults can sit and relax whilst the kids bounce around inside the padded tubes & ball pits. The reality of course was that whilst Jack can now fend for himself, we spent most of the time chasing after Sam who was just the right size to dash through gaps & tunnels & take on the monster slide. Exhausting! Special mention to the little girl who told me her name is Jaxi. Then she spelt it for me. I'm guessing she does that a lot.

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Amy said...

Jaxi? So awesome......
I always wished that the adults were provided with better coffee while the kids were sharing germs.