Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Happy Birthday Jack!

Yesterday was Jack's third birthday. To say that he was excited was an understatement. I'd been talking it up so much that he could barely sleep the night before and we know what that means - if Jack is awake, everyone is awake. He received numerous musical phone calls to which his response was always a fairly subdued "thank you" (he's not a phone person). And of course there were presents to unwrap and cards to open (not in that order) and we went to playgroup where we ate little chocolate cupcakes that I'd made and everyone sang happy birthday again.

Last night we had a special birthday dinner. I asked him last week what he wanted and he said beans, watermelon and something else that he's not keen on. I chose to disregard his request and we had homemade pizzas followed by chocolate cake - healthy indeed and a big hit with the birthday boy.As I'm going all out making a Shaun the Sheep cake for his party this Saturday I decided to use my horse shaped cake tins (a xmas pressie) to make a horse and foal.

These things never quite work out as I imagine them to but Jack seemed pleased and sadly this morning only one little leg was left. It felt a little Don Corleone slicing up the cake (though I resisted the urge to put a cake horse's head in anyone bed) but this year he wasn't upset. Last year when Diane cut the train I thought he might cry.

Now I'm in prep mode for the party. I've made a gazillion sausage rolls and this afternoon I'm going to fashion some ears out of black fondant.


Amy said...

The first photo is such a classic birthday shot! We can't wait for the party :)

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Aww he's gorgeous! Happy Birthday Jack! You did a great job with the cake-love the biscuit fence too! :D